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Admit it, you love bread,but you don't want all the carbs that comes with it..We all know how cutting carbs helps losing weight and staying healthy. Carbs spike blood sugar and lead to many health problems. Cut Da Carb is paper thin and is the go-to for any low carb sandwich wraps and many different applications. Make a power wrap filled with protein and fresh veggies of your choice and wrap it in Cut Da Carb. Feed the hunger beast, cut the carbs, lower blood sugar and feel great!...It's Vegan and no added oil or butter. Approximately foot long and 9 inches Wide, with only 9 grams of carbs . To compare and amaze you, 1 foot long Subway wheat bread has 80 grams of carbs, to Cut Da Carbs at only 9 Grams... put all your veggies and meat and load it with healthy goodness and defeat hunger, without packing the carbs in... isn't that awesome?!

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Ya'll asked and we delivered!
With Millions of requests received from our customers, we rolled up our sleeves and improved the already amazing Cut Da Carb Flatbread, to not only contain more Fiber and Protein, but also to be kept at room temperature.